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NOTE: Since the creation of this document, I have learned more of the coup; the assassination is a contested issue (Allende died from bullet wounds, so clearly bombs did not kill him) as well as numbers. I do not claim certainty on the potential of an assassination, nor do I claim that any of this document is certainly factual except for the radio address, dates, and my own admiration for the leader.
Salvador Allende

The real 9/11: The assassination of Salvador Allende and the military coup of 1973
I would like to take the oppurtunity on this September the 11th to honor the legacy of Salvador Allende, Who the United states assassinated on september 11th, 1973, 33 years ago. He was the first democratically elected marxist president in South America, and he fought the american imperialists to the end, an AK-47 in his hand as U.S. bombs fell on the presidential palace, killing him. Subsequently, our government installed Pinohet who killed about 4000 prisoners of conscience, tortured and wrongfully imprisoned thousands and exiled around 100,000 political enemies; he still has not faced justice and Margaret Thatcher defnds him as did Milton Friedman, as he was an ardent defender of free - market capitalism.

Allende's programs were drastically humanistic; facing a humanitarian crisis with children working in mines and wage - slavery the norm, he enacted child labor laws and nourished the malnourished infant population with a milk program. He strenghtened labor unions and nationalized businesses which led to opposition from the AFL - CIO and other faux - worker conscious organizations. His method of peaceful revolution should serve as a model for us all and his legacy should not be forgotten, nor his final words:

¡Viva Chile!
Viva el pueblo!
Vivan los trabajadores!
Éstas son mis últimas palabras y tengo la certeza de que mi sacrificio no será en vano, tengo la certeza de que, por lo menos, será una lección moral que castigará la felonía, la cobardía y la traición.

Allende giving a speech (click for larger image)
Long live Chile!
Long live the people!
Long live the workers!
These are my last words; I have the certainty of the fact that my sacrifice will not be in vain. I have the certainty of the fact that at least, it will be a moral lesson that will punish the felony, the cowardice and the perfidy.

The Presidential Palace being bombed, with Allende inside (click for larger image)

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