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Here I'll put a few serious pieces I have. Note that my ideas are very dynamic and have overgone some vast changes since some of these, so I don't necessarily agree with all of the things that might be said here; I've put the latest pieces at the top alongside their dates of completion.

February 28, 2007: A Brief Comparison of The Revengerís Tragedy and Hamlet - Not political, but I still like this piece written for my College Composition class. I have to credit Prof. Harding for making me actually like Shakespeare for a change.

December 15, 2006: The Crisis in Palestine and Israel: Zionism, Terrorism, and Holy War - A brief analysis of the conflict

May 6th, 2006: What is ĎReligioní and What is Manís Solution to its Question? - Here I go more in depth about religion: I explain what it really means, it's role in society and what man can do to resolve the conflict between religious dogmatism and institutional religion and his inherant, internal and productive drives.

December 9th, 2005: The Malignancy of Religion - Again, brief... I quickly go over the malignancy of religions and touch on religious dogmas and their impact.

October 11th, 2005: The Soviet Union: Itís Socialist Lie and Subsequent Ideological Resonations in the U.S., Middle-Eastern Nations, and the World

May 4th, 2005: Feminism and its role in the emancipation of mankind

March 23, 2005: U.S. Immigration Policies

February 24th, 2004: Libertarianism, Socialism and Humanism - a brief analysis and comparison.

(Early 2004): The Farce of Western Democracy: Psychological Domination

April 24th, 2003: The Forgotten Battle: The Seige of Stalingrad - I argue that the the seige of Stalingrad was in fact the most important battle of WWII and that it was a turning point in the war.

May 13th, 2002: World Trade Center Attacks and U.S. Response: 8 Months Later - In may 2002 I look back on the tragedy and describe my frustration at the cynical response of my government and its people.

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