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Welcome to my minimalist "home on the web." Here you'll find some writings of mine, biographical information and links to sites I find either worthy of linking or at which I have some kind of page. The "forums" for this site are simply going to be my Livejournal because I'm in no way important enough to have a forum dedicated to me, nor will I ever be. It should be easy to contact me there, but if it's private you can always talk to me via email.

"Quite clearly the aim of socialism is man. It is to create a form of production and an organization of society in which man can overcome alienation from his product, from his work, from his fellow man, from himself and from nature; in which he can return to himself and grasp the world with his own powers, thus becoming one with the world. Socialism for Marx was, as Paul Tillich put it, 'a resistance movement against the destruction of love in social reality.'"
-Erich Fromm, "Marx's Concept of Man"

"What is today atheism will tomorrow be religion."
-Ludwig Feuerbach, "The Essence of Christianity"

9/11/06 - Tribute to a Martyr
4/13/07 - Hotel Workers Rally Organized by UNITE HERE!

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