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Human Rights & Charity

Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) - Comprehensive resource for information on human rights in Palestine and what you can do to further them.

Boycott Israel - Boycott the theocratic state of Israel and the companies that support it.
PSC Israel Boycott link

Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs - Educate yourself on the threats to freedom and human rights posed by Israel and the U.S.

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

International Solidarity Movement - Palestinian Activism

Amnesty International - AI does a lot to disseminate information on human rights abuses, and you can learn a lot about what threats exists to human rights abroad, and at home. Much of their work is done through writing letters and emails, but they need monetary contributions as well.

American Civil Liberties Union - Write letters, learn about your rights and which ones you are losing.

Christian Aid - Please donate. The organization does not prosletyze and it works directly with impoverished people to help them create their own sustainable economies; they give nothing to governments. They oppose the IMF and World Bank and promote a boycott of Israel. You don't even have to donate money to help! More on why you should contribute

Reuters AlertNet - Good source for information on humanitarian crisis around the world.


Monthly Review - Good socialist magazine.

News / Information

Al - Jazeera - One of the best news sources around. Good for both global and middle - east specific news.

Alternative Information Center - News on Palestine and Israel

The Memory Hole - Just like the Orwellian reference implies... the government and industry trash collects here. - Please read up on drugs before you choose to take them. Though I support legalization, they are still dangerous and you should be cautious, even when prescribed drugs. Erowid is a good resource for information on these dangers.

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