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Here is some of my poetry, each piece preceded by the date it was created. If the poetry is particularly bad I probably put it on here because it is a reminder of what I thought and who I was when I wrote it.

On or before March 28, 2002
"Fight Death"
"SSS" - This one is a typical lament, but it actually has some decency to it unlike the rest of my early pieces.
"Fear" - Political assassinations
"Society" - Wage slavery and war

January 22nd, 2002 "The Fireman" - Read at an Open Mic thing at my high school. Decent...
March 30th, 2002 "No Hate" - Self - righteous and condescending, but positive.
April 15th, 2002 "Alienation" - National divisiveness
April 17th, 2002 "Kill" - State sanctioned murder
May 7th, 2002 "Open Wound" - Good imagery about capitalism
July 4th, 2002 "Slaves"
October 15, 2002 "Questioning" - More capitalism
November 12th, 2002 "Of Her" - My favourite piece... a surrealistic prose description of a lover...
January 25th, 2003 "Luna" - Another prose piece... I think it's really good, too.
February 8th, 2003 "Thoughts" - pretty good, about the military and god
September 23, 2003 "Bright Eyes" - I wrote this about a girl who meant the world to me in high school, though at the time I had just met her.
September 30th, 2003 "Water" - This was in the high school magazine. It was OK.
March 5th, 2004 "Spring Ballad" - Sounds Good, but boring... about a friend of mine.
March 21st, 2004 "Eyes that Talk"
April 12th, 2004 "The Lonely Cyst" - Stupid name
October 8th, 2005 "God"
April 5th, 2004 Untitled Poem # 6 - Like "The Lonely Cyst"
August 29th, 2006 "Drug Me"
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